UI Designer

General information

  • Salary Range: Competitive. Negotiable

  • Position: Full-time

  • Location: Remote

  • Timezone: Any

Your responsibilities

We're looking for a talented UI designer to enthusiastically contribute and innovate within our small team. Help us build ground-breaking product features for the future of Web3.

  • Design Cool Stuff: Design impactful and beautiful features and products for BlueMove with pixel-perfect attention to detail 👩‍🎨📐👍

  • Improve Old Stuff: Operate within and expand upon the existing BlueMove UIkit and Figma component library.

  • Document Stuff: Contribute to ongoing documentation of your designs, design elements, processes and frameworks for handoff to developers and designers

  • Collaborate and Communicate: Collaborate with PMs, developers, UX specialists and other stakeholders throughout the design process, to ensure the highest quality of deliverables


  • Solid portfolio of work

  • 3+ years of professional experience working with teams building applications and websites

  • Advanced working knowledge of Figma, Sketch, or similar (BlueMove uses Figma internally)

  • Experience working with systematic design processes (atomic design systems)

  • A solid understanding of blockchain-related products, and experience using NFT marketplaces

  • Fluent in English

How to apply

Send a copy of:

  • your portfolio with examples of past work (required), along with

  • your resume and

  • any additional information about yourself which may help us to make our decision to hiring@bluemove.net


  • BlueMove is a decentralized platform and thus also employs the team in a decentralized way, contributing as individuals towards the protocol. Although this is a full time role, the candidate must be able to operate as a self-employed or freelance worker in their country of residence.

  • Salary is paid in crypto (MOVE or APT/SUI).

  • Salary proposal may include a vested allocation of MOVE.

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