Updated on August. 27, 2022

It's a roadmap not a to-do list.

Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too.

Pivoting is a way of life.

Due to considerations of security and confidentiality, some items are not included in the Roadmap.


  • IDO Token

  • AMM DEX on Sui

  • Regular new whitelisted NFT collections

  • UI/UX, Performance Upgrades & Bug Fixes

Upcoming features in 2023


  • Listing Rewards

  • Trading Rewards

  • Staking $MOVE

NFT Market Phase 4

  • Lending and Borrowing NFT

  • NFT Orderbook


  • Potential collaborations with other top projects on Aptos and Sui Blockchain

  • Other improvements and upgrades


Mobile App

NFT Market Phase 2

NFT Market Phase 3

Wallet Integration

NFT Ecosystem

Site Upgrades / Other Products

Under Consideration Features

  • Cross-chain NFT

  • Interactive NFT

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