How can I get BlueMove Token (MOVE)

How can I get the MOVE?

MOVE is a utility and governance of BlueMove, which is issued with 2 standards including Aptos and Sui. Users can get MOVE in some easy ways below:

1. Trade on exchanges

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  • Pancakeswap

  • Hippo Space

  • ...


You'll need

  • A cryptocurrency wallet (Such as Petra/Martian)

  • APT for gas fees

  • Cryptocurrency based on Aptos (Preferably APT to ensure as little slippage as possible)

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Click "Select a token" and input the MOVE contract address: 0x27fafcc4e39daac97556af8a803dbb52bcb03f0821898dc845ac54225b9793eb::move_coin::MoveCoin

  3. Now input the amount of APT you would like to swap to MOVE.

2. Staking

pageMOVE Staking Rewards

3. List your NFT on BlueMove

pageListing Rewards

4. Buy and Sell NFT on BlueMove

pageTrading Rewards

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