Listing Rewards

BlueMove’s Listing Rewards program enables NFT collectors and traders to earn MOVE tokens just by listing NFTs for sale on BlueMove.

What are the criteria for listings to earn $MOVE?

Users will receive Listing Reward every day for all items that they have listed for sale on BlueMove that meet these criteria:

  • The listed NFT is from one of the Listing Leaderboard

  • The listing is an active and executable order

  • Listings must be live for a minimum of 24 hours in order to start accumulating $MOVE

  • Listings must not expire within 1 hour of each snapshot in order to qualify for that snapshot

Which collections are eligible?

In addition to the below criteria for individual listings, the collections must meet these criteria to be eligible for listing rewards.

  • Total item count 10,000 or fewer

  • Greater than 0% royalties

When are $MOVE counted and distributed?

Users receive $MOVE token every day for listings that meet the criteria above.

Each day’s $MOVE will start being counted from 0:00 AM (UTC) and run for 144 snapshots every 10 minutes until 0:00 AM (UTC) the next day.

Every day's MOVE reward will be claimable whenever your MOVE balance is greater than 1 MOVE.

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