Who can join Whitelist Launchpad?

Wallet addresses that meet one of the following conditions will be included in the Whitelist Pool:

  1. Whitelist of this NFT collection: The project will provide a list of wallet addresses on the whitelist to BlueMove. To be considered for the list, contact the project through its social media channels such as Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

  2. Top 10 traders on BlueMove: The 10 wallet addresses belonging to the top traders from the previous day, with a 24-hour snapshot taken from 0:00 to 23:59 UTC.

  3. Participants in Staking MOVE: Wallet addresses of those who participated in Staking MOVE, including Staking MOVE Earn NFT and Staking MOVE Earn MOVE, will be eligible for the Whitelist Pool.

Other special cases will be specifically announced on BlueMove's Discord channel prior to launching the NFT collection.

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