What are Trading Rewards?

Whenever you trade NFTs on BlueMove, you earn MOVE tokens as trading rewards.

Note: private sales are not eligible for trading rewards.

Why aren't trading rewards distributed for private sales?

Since BlueMove doesn't charge a platform fee for private sales, it's possible to have zero fee trading if a collection's royalty is also set to 0%. If private sales also generated trading rewards, this could potentially result in large amounts of inauthentic trading volume on the BlueMove platform, from people wanting to game the rewards system.

How can a collection qualify to earn trading rewards?

All collections now generate trading rewards. No minimum volume required - you earn MOVE every time your buy or sell an NFT on BlueMove, from any collection! (Excludes private sales!

When are trading rewards distributed?

The previous day’s collected protocol trading fees are earned by MOVE stakers as rewards. Reward rates are adjusted roughly every 24 hours, based on the past 24 hours’ trading activity.

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